Monday, 8 April 2013

my sofa

Hello my lovelies! 
Big come back of my sofa! For those who don't know what I'm talking about please visit original post: sofa

After a very, very long discussions with my partner, obsessive over thinking and dozens of Photoshop try outs I decided to go with grey upholstery and grey legs.
That probably comes as shock for all wood lovers, but I really loathe bare or wood stained in natural colours and I'm a one of those "cover all in paint" crazies.
I love my sofa, love how sturdy and heavy it is, love horse hair filled seat and vintage shape.
I don't think I could ever own one of DFS sofa or minimalistic Dwell couch, but I'm not a Louis XIV furniture lover either ;)
Anyway, that was a long debate: I didn't want to loose sofa's original charm but I didn't want to reupholster my couch and end up with kitsch antique imposter.
It needed to be toned down a notch and it needed to be practical as I'm a real couch potato.

Before re upholstery I painted all wooden bits with Annie Sloan French Linen (if you are not familiar with Annie Sloan paints please ready reviews online - this is a magic!)
I highlighted the carvings with  Old white as I didn't want to loose their visibility in flat paint.
After paint has dried I applied a wax.

That's the work in progress:

I'll post a finished project soon :)

Have a lovely, lovely day!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Trunk table

Hello there, 
Some time ago I've had a coffee table dilemma. 
I was looking for something practical and unusual. 
The problem was my living room, long and narrow. As my sofa is next to patio door I needed enough space between sofa and tv cabinet to walk freely. 
And there was another problem with my dog, who tends to clear any obstacles with his body mass, like they were made of thin air. 
I remember I considered diy project using a vintage trunks, I gave up this idea at the end, only because I've found a perfect table (I will review in the next post). 
Although before that I collected few cool images. 

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Great wallpapers and murals in UK

Hello again,
I'm trying to be good and share a bit more this time :)
I was browsing through murals and wallpapers sites as I'm getting bored with my bedroom mural, when I came across awesome source of wallpapers.
They are UK based (yay!) and you can customise every buy or even order your own design!
The link:
MR Perswall

Below are few of my favourites:

This one is my fav!:

Monday, 4 February 2013

Moonrise Kingdom inspiration

I love Wes Anderson's movies. If you want feel good film, that isn't shallow and if you a bit quirky yourself you can't go wrong with Wes :) Few weeks ago my boyfriend agreed (after years of begging) to do a little photo session with me. I didn't have any recent, nice photos and lets face it - I'm not getting any younger so I've asked him to make some nice pictures. I won't be blogging the session - I'm not that beautiful :P, just one photo inspired by colours and tones in Moonrise Kingdom:

                                My photo: 

Rain, rain, rain

        What I've seen in my garden today. These rain drops are huge! Poor spider :)

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

What should I read next?

Browsing (aka spending hours in unbreakable loop) through Pinterest few days ago I've found the best site for compulsive readers:

Type your favourite book or author and it will present you with a list of similar books, you could be interested in.

I'm officially the worst blogger ever.
I think I knew where it was going, but as usually I've acted on spur of the moment and decided to start a blog I clearly can't manage.
I'm not heartless enough to kill it yet, but I have to admit my failure, yet again.

                          Something to make myself feel better: picture from my closet

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

geometric garden

I was looking recently for the ways of remodelling and reorganizing space in my narrow and long garden. Unfortunately previous owners made a lot of controversial design decisions. Now I'm torn between trimmed cubed space and wild overgrown one. As much as the second choice sounds great I think it is very difficult to achieve. What do you think, any tips?