Monday, 8 April 2013

my sofa

Hello my lovelies! 
Big come back of my sofa! For those who don't know what I'm talking about please visit original post: sofa

After a very, very long discussions with my partner, obsessive over thinking and dozens of Photoshop try outs I decided to go with grey upholstery and grey legs.
That probably comes as shock for all wood lovers, but I really loathe bare or wood stained in natural colours and I'm a one of those "cover all in paint" crazies.
I love my sofa, love how sturdy and heavy it is, love horse hair filled seat and vintage shape.
I don't think I could ever own one of DFS sofa or minimalistic Dwell couch, but I'm not a Louis XIV furniture lover either ;)
Anyway, that was a long debate: I didn't want to loose sofa's original charm but I didn't want to reupholster my couch and end up with kitsch antique imposter.
It needed to be toned down a notch and it needed to be practical as I'm a real couch potato.

Before re upholstery I painted all wooden bits with Annie Sloan French Linen (if you are not familiar with Annie Sloan paints please ready reviews online - this is a magic!)
I highlighted the carvings with  Old white as I didn't want to loose their visibility in flat paint.
After paint has dried I applied a wax.

That's the work in progress:

I'll post a finished project soon :)

Have a lovely, lovely day!